Bike Cleaning


Siam Handlebar now offer bike cleaning services to make your life a little easier. Relax and enjoy a drink or meal in our Café while our team cleans your bike and chain for you. Just like you’d do at home, without the sweat and hassles.

Please note that our team has been trained to provide a quality cleaning service, not a fast service. We want them to take the time required to do a good job.

We care about your bike, so please make sure you let us know if you would prefer a pressure wash or non-pressure wash. We will default to non-pressure wash unless otherwise specified.

After washing, we normally blow dry your bike to remove excess water before a finishing wipe over. If you prefer no blow dry, please also let us know.


  • Wash & Tire Pressure Check……….150b
  • Chain Clean & Lube………………….100b
  • Package………………………….……230b
    • Wash & Tire Pressure Check
    • Chain Clean & Lube


Loyalty program

We also offer a loyalty program. After having 10 off any cleaning service offered, you’ll receive 1 free. Ask our team for a loyalty card.

*Opening hours

Mon: 10am to 4pm
Wed-Fri: 10am to 4pm
Sat-Sun: 10am to 6pm

*In case of a queue, we will clean on a first arrived basis. We expect weekends to be busy, so if you’d rather not wait too long you might want to consider coming during the week. Why not pop in for a relaxing meal while we clean your bike.