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Siam Handlebar is proud to have so many supportive biker friends. We'd like to showcase them here & return the support they've given us.

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Bikers Hua Hin is an informal group of individual big bike owners who live in or around the Hua Hin area. They ride as often as possible, with day rides taking place on most Saturdays & Sundays (subject to weather). There are also several 'away' rides during the year & BHH bikers are invited to join. Rides always begin, & usually end at Siam Handlebar, the home of Bikers Hua Hin. 

 Breakfast is served from 8.30am at Siam Handlebar on weekends

Group size varies, but on average between 6 & 12 bikers join rides. Day rides could be in any direction depending on group preference. Day rides are between 200 and 300 km’s, & duration of 5 to 6 hours, 

We often stop for coffee, &/or lunch, & usually end with a few drinks at Siam Handlebar.

Saturday Cruise

We ride out at 9.30am. We ride at 'cruise' pace (100-110kph on straights), & pillion passengers are more than welcome to join. Minimum engine capacity is 500cc, & any make or model of bike is ok.

Sunday Ride

We ride out at 10.30am. This is more of a 'sports' ride'. Riders only. Bikes joining this ride are sports or sport touring, with larger capacity, higher horsepower engines.

Away Rides


There are also several 'away'  trips organised during the year going to various destinations. For example;

  • WSBK event Buriram March 2019: The ride was planned by a combined team made up of Bikers Hua Hin members and Siam Handlebar.  . A group of 7 bikers rode to Buriram which is located approximately 450 km’s North East of Bangkok to attend the WSBK race 
  • 3 Pagodas 3 days 2 nights: In August 2019 15 bikes & 18 bikers rode to Sangkhlaburi. As well as riding some super twisty roads, & seeing some stunning scenery we visited Baan Unrak Home for Children to make donations of clothing, food, drinks, school supplies & cash
  • 3NCR18 Sept 2018:. 12 bikes & 14 bikers rode from Hua Hin to Betong (Southern Thailand) to attend the biggest, longest running charity ride on South East Asia. 

Let's Ride


If you have a big bike already and would like to know more, email us at info@siamhandlebar.com

of send us a message via Siam Handlebar Facebook

If you don’t have a big bike and would like to rent one to join a ride,  click on the “Big Bike rental” tab below.

Motorcycle rides Hua Hin

Bike rides Hua Hin

Weekend motorcycle rides Hua Hin

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amazing touring thailand



Discover the Beauty of Thailand on a Motorcycle and experience the warmth and hospitality of the Thai people. Mike Gagne has ridden 10’s of thousands of kilometers to all corners of Thailand & beyond to other countries such as Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. 

What his customers have said


“I have had the pleasure of touring approximately 10,000 km with Mike across hidden gems of Thailand and now, Cambodia. He is meticulous with his planning which ensures other riders can focus on whatever the roads and conditions throw at them, safe in the knowledge the guy leading the group is going the right way. Always full of a tales of yonder and with great connections in hotels and local restaurant knowledge, evenings are as much a part of the journey as the ride itself. Looking forward to our next adventure” Stuart Whitfield – August 2016

“Thanks, Mike for putting together a great trip to Cambodia. 
The hotels were good, riding/eating/drinking/relaxing with the group was fabulous and your GPS skills, especially in crazy town riding, were impressive !” Albert Jackson – August 2016

“8 days of riding in Cambodia was a great experience. Mike did a fantastic job of organizing the trip and accommodations. Hope to ride together again. 
Thanks, Mike.” Manny Raz – August 2016

“I have just returned to Canada from Thailand where I linked up with Mike Gagne of Amazing Thailand Touring for a 15-day motorcycle adventure that has left me craving more. Mike lives in Bangkok, Knows the country and roads intimately and loves to ride and share his knowledge of this fascinating and beautiful country. Mike can guide you to the best inexpensive hotels, restaurants, and attractions that Thailand has to offer. His riding experience is extensive which helps the newcomer to adjust to this unbelievably unique motorcycle adventure. Sure you can go to Thailand, rent a motorcycle and fumble around on your own but you won’t have as much fun as I did.” Les Brown – February 2016

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